About APV Corporation

APV Corporation Pty Ltd, formerly Australian Performance Vehicles Pty Ltd (APV), was established in 2004 and is a wholly owned Australian Company that is a global supplier of products and services, with local representatives in North America, Europe and New Zealand.

Our core mission is to provide industrial testing services, occupant restraint systems across the Automotive, Defence, Mining, Industrial, Infrastructure and Transportation marketplaces.

The company derives approximately $15 million in turnover with exports to North America, Europe and New Zealand. The company employs over 55 personnel in Australia, USA and NZ.  APV is a global supplier of safety and performance critical products and turn-key vehicle solutions for tradesperson and industrial requirements.

The Company has the following wholly owned subsidiary companies:

  • APV Engineering and Testing Services Pty Ltd (APV-T)
  • APV Safety Products Pty Ltd (APV-S)
  • APV Safety Products Inc.
  • APV Safety Products (Int) Pty Ltd
  • APV Safety Products NZ Limited

APV Engineering and Testing Services

APV-T (Test Centre) is a NATA accredited industrial testing and service provider that operates the most advanced independent testing laboratory of its type within the region, as evidenced by our FIA and NATA certifications.  We are the Partner of Choice for testing services and certification of products for industry, defence, safety and regulatory bodies.  We provide an expansive range of dynamic, mechanical and environmental testing services, simulation, specialised photography, data acquisition and advisory services to meet the needs of Automotive OEMs, Industry, Defence and international customers.  Our FIA Test House Homologation is unique to the region and the southern hemisphere for dynamic crash testing and internationally we uniquely perform full vehicle development testing for a major passenger vehicle OEMs.  This has established APV-T as an internationally recognised commercial laboratory for Environmental, Mechanical, Photography, Data Acquisition and Dynamic Testing. 

For more information on APV-T please see:  www.apvtestcentre.com

APV Safety Products

APV-S (Safety Products) is a global supplier of world class occupant restraint systems.  We partner with our customers to design and manufacture OEM occupant restraints for the Auto Aftermarket, Bus and Coach, Industrial, Mining and Truck markets.  APV-S develops high-value safety critical products that are simple, elegant and effective based on our systems knowledge.  We are proud to develop well engineered system solutions collaboratively with our customers.  APV-S brings the products to market quickly and efficiently via lean engineering and data driven lean manufacturing, and we provide customers with quality and service that is valued.

For more information on APV-S please see:  www.apvsafetyproducts.com

APV Corporation has a strong R&D function and significant product development and certification capability to support our customers.  The company has several patents for our products and our business strategy is to partner with our customers to provide testing services, and as an OEM to develop, manufacture and supply APV branded occupant restraint systems.  This is supported by trademarks in Australia, Nth America, Europe and New Zealand.

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