APV expanding its Test and Evaluation capability in support of Australia’s Defence and Transport seating manufactures

Posted by APV Corporation on 30 March 2022
APV expanding its Test and Evaluation capability in support of Australia’s Defence and Transport seating manufactures

APV’s vision is to support Australia’s Automotive and Transport Industry manufacturers in their Research, Test and Evaluation requirements for Defence. 

Harry Hickling, Managing Director of APV Corporation, states that “with our recent $3million investment into Test and Evaluation capabilities we are excited to see our latest offering in Seat, Restraints and Anchorage system testing coming on stream to support the Australian Transport industry and in preparation for the Defence Land and Aerospace programs”.

“We can now offer full Seat and Seat Anchorage testing with the latest state of the art mechanical test rig that supports ADR, ECE, FMVS, FiA and SAE related standards.  This level of testing capability has not previously been available in Australia and can be performed to the latest FiA Formula 1 testing regimes.  This means that we can support Australian seat manufacturers during the development of their seating solutions.  It might come as a surprise, but we get a significant amount of enquiry for this capability in Australia.  This ranges from Mobility Solutions for the Disabled, Vehicle Conversions and Van Fit-outs through to FIA Seat manufacturers.  These customers will now have a Research, Test and Evaluation partner in APV to stand beside them through the product engineering, development, test, evaluation, and certification phases.

This new capability will also support Australian seat manufacturers during the development of energy absorbing seating for Aerospace and Protected Land Vehicles.  Existing customers as well as new entrants in the market supporting the Land 400 Phase 3, Infantry Fighting Vehicle will now have a Research, Test and Evaluation partner in APV to stand beside them through the product engineering, development, test, evaluation, and certification phases.”

APV has a long history in testing seats and safety restraints to the latest international standards and this continues in 2022 with a new Mechanical Static Test Rig, developed by Aries in Spain, to APV’s requirements.  While dynamic testing is, and remains, critical in proving the crashworthiness and functionality of seats and safety restraints, new requirements drive opportunities to invest and improve the offerings from APV’s world-class testing facilities

This $500,000 investment will meet a range of mechanical test requirements and will support testing (in both tension and compression modes) of motorsport seats to the new FiA 8855-2021, and for Occupant Restraint Systems to SAE J2292, ADR 4/06, ECE R14/08, FMVSS 207 & 210.

With load cells in each of the four hydraulic cylinders, 400mm of stroke supporting an actuator speed up to 150mm/sec, and flexibility in the configuration and angle for force application, other novel testing can be considered where loads of up to 20kN per cylinder may be required.

With the addition of this new equipment APV can offer comprehensive testing on all types of seating and restraints for aircraft, military vehicles, ships, ferries, trucks, buses, trains, forklifts and other special purpose machines such as mining vehicles, can all be catered for at APV.


“During 2021 we had some great examples of working with Australian Bus and Seat Manufacturers in a collaborative manner to resolve design issues and to pass the stringent Australian Crash / Dynamic Test and Evaluation requirements.  We want to apply this same collaborative approach to support the Australian Defence and Transport industry.”

This fits perfectly with our vision of partnering with industry to mitigate risk and deliver world class solutions for our next generation platforms by being the partner of choice for advanced Research, Simulation, Environmental, Mechanical, Photography, Data Acquisition and Dynamic Engineering and Testing Services.”  






Defence Connect interview of APV for their 2021 Special Edition

Posted by APV Corporation on 6 October 2021
Defence Connect interview of APV for their 2021 Special Edition

The Defence Connect 2021 Special Edition features an interview with me that discusses APV's Defence Sovereign Industry Capability and what sets us apart within the Market.  This was released for the June 2021 Land Forces Exhibition in Queensland.

The Question-and-Answer interview provides great insight into our Defence capabilities and the strength of APV in collaborating with Defence Industry to support their product development with Australia's most advanced Test, Evaluation and Certification services, and our partnering relationships with OEM's and Seat Manufacturers to engineer, manufacture, and test military occupant restraints to keep our troops safe in the worlds most advanced amphibious and land protected vehicles.

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Harry Hickling
Managing Director


APV Expands Testing Capability and Cyber Security

Posted by APV Corporation on 12 February 2021
APV Expands Testing Capability and Cyber Security

We are pleased to announce APV's strategic investment in expanding our Industrial Testing capabilities within the Test Centre and our corporate wide Cyber Security program.

This investment will provide enhanced capabilities to support our customers across all industries and demonstrates the importance we are placing on our response to the evolving Cyber Security landscape within the Global Supply Chain.

The investment increases the capacity of our existing testing services for our customers and the Cyber Security uplift journey is an essential element of our internal risk management and business continuity frameworks. This will remain an important element of APV's business strategy and direction moving forward.

Defense have recognized the importance of APV's contribution to Australia's Sovereign Industry Capability with the testing services we provide to Defense and Industry, as well as our positioning with the supply of Safety Critical Military Occupant Restraints, by awarding us two grants to support this program.

To see the latest Defense Connect coverage of the project:



The SAE-A came to APV-T on Thursday evening

Posted by APV Corporation on 7 December 2020
The SAE-A came to APV-T on Thursday evening

On Thursday 19th September 50 visitors from the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia (SAE-A) came to APV-T as a part of a series of industry visits run by the SAE-A designed to help broaden the depth of knowledge and engagement of members in the Australasian Automotive Engineering sector.

The visitors, who were mostly engineers but included some children, were treated to a range of presentations and a tour of the APV-T Test Centre.

Slow motion videos of car crashes, bus seat testing, wheelchair restraint testing and up-close encounters with our family of crash test dummies and the associated acquisition equipment were combined with live demonstrations of airbag deployments, environmental testing, and a 50km/h child seat dynamic test.

All of these elements made up an engaging demonstration of APV-T's commitment to mobility safety and our contribution to Australia's National Road Safety Strategy.




Carl Liersch
General Manager- APV Tech Centre


APV Ranked in top 10% of Mid Size Aust Manufacturers and Featured in Go Auto

Posted by APV Corporation on 5 December 2020
APV Ranked in top 10% of Mid Size Aust Manufacturers and Featured in Go Auto

APV's Business Transformation has continued during FY18 and FY19 leading to our ranking in the top 10% of Mid Size Australian Manufacturers in terms of overall Growth, Capital Investment and Financial Performance against a recent Grant Thornton Manufacturing Benchmarking Report. The benchmarking report assesses a broad range of industries and FY18 performance benchmarks to assist Industry Leaders in developing their business strategies, assessing risk and emerging opportunities.

It is this continued growth and diversification that makes APV a great place to work. Providing exciting opportunities for innovation, product development and investment in new production lines. We have supported Graduate Internship programs and employed additional engineering resources this year. It is great to see these new opportunities being created for Australia's up and coming graduates.

This has attracted the attention of the Go Auto group that operate Australia's premier Automotive news feed service and on-line newsletter service. Terry Martin, editor of GoAutoNews and senior writer, came in for a near full day visit to better understand APV, including the opportunity to witness product development testing and associated crash-tests to ensure the safety of aftermarket products under development by the customer. Giving Terry a very first hand view of the customer experience at the Test Lab.

Following this he has written three articles that provide a very unique insight into the depth and diversity of the company.


On a side note, as an organisation, we are proud of our corporate safety and environmental track record. In the GoAuto article titled "Taking Care of It", you can see the team going the extra yard to maximize recycling of waste materials from our Takata Airbag Disposal programs. On a personal note, I also believe the industry should be commended for their efforts in maximizing the effectiveness of the Takata Airbag Recalls - this is no easy feat and is a huge cost on the industry.

Harry Hickling
Managing Director

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